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Cult Round-up: Our Must-watch Raya Collection Campaigns of 2021

As one of the countries with the most public holidays in the world, we Malaysians love our holidays; and Raya celebrations would definitely be up there on our list of favourites. From the vibrant baju kurungs that you can finally whip out to take centre stage, the scrumptious delicacies to the boisterous atmosphere as family and friends come together, Raya is special to many of us for the visceral and nostalgic memories they invoke.

We know the pandemic and the current CMCO may have put a damper on how Raya is usually celebrated, which is why we've rounded up some of the local brands who went above and beyond to capture that Raya magic this season. Prepare for the feels.


Starting out the list is Malaysia's unisex fashion brand that got everyone buzzing about their latest Raya campaign video (and for good measure!). Titled "EID 2021: RINDU", it explores the feelings of founder, Ana who years and misses her hometown after being in long bouts of quarantine, a feeling many of us would no doubt be all too familiar with. As a campaign, RINDU (ريندو) continues the brand's signature stunning visuals while following the talents playing the quintessential family preparing for Raya, each reminiscing about something they miss about typical Eid celebrations. Notably involved in the production were also our past creative crushes, Lobach and Melowkis.

Totaling at 25 designs, plaid, gingham and stripes are central to the collection, each accompanied with earthy tones that are both gender neutral and evoke classic 90s kampong vibes. For more information about the Rindu collection, click here.


Keeping it #relatable is local contemporay womenswear label, Oh Sebenar with their Eid 2021 collection, "Sebenarnya". Like the name suggests, the campaign lifts the veil behind every seemingly sane family get together to reveal the usual chaos and havoc that ensues every Raya season. But whether you're slogging in the kitchen or trying to get the best angle for your family portrait, at least you'll be doing it in style in one of Oh Sebenar's 5-piece collection featuring the brand's signature earth tones, minimalist functional designs and precise cuts. Get their looks here.


Think sunshine, the warm summer breeze and croaking cicadas. This is the vibe Bellapizo is going for in their 2021 Eid Campaign, "Matahari Pagi". Contrasting the usual hustle and bustle that comes during the Raya period, the campaign video takes a different more mellow approach — to slow down and bask in the sunlight.

The "Matahari Pagi" collection features 21 designs of feminine silhouettes that range from sweetheart necklines, scalloped fringes to flattering wrap tops in warm and cool-toned palettes befitting the breezy campaign. For more information on the collection, click here.


The R in Raya stands for "romantic" — just ask Naelofar. The famous modest wear brand went down the dreamy Parisian route, complete with alluring floral prints and luxurious silk fabrics. Titled "Naelofar In Love", their latest Eid collection is sure to bring out your inner romanticist this celebratory period. To get your hands on the full assemblage, click here.


Get your entire family Raya-ready with Zaraks and Pokoks' latest collaboration - they don't just have one or two but four Raya collections for you and your whole entourage to choose from! The massive launch features the Rasa Sayang Collection, Balik Collection, Sungai Collection and Legend Collection that showcase different design elements while still keeping the label's modern and playful prints such as bold colours and striking prints. Check out their collection here.


Step "Into The Light" with LARNEY's newest collection. For the Raya season, the womenswear brand is turning it up a notch with two of Malaysia's most celebrated women, Deborah Henry and Fyza Kadir, fronting the campaign. According to Zura Zabidi, founder of LARNEY, the collection is meant to bring a positive message of hope and resilience to customers: "We have been supporting each other throughout the bad

times, and as things gets better it is very important for us to keep the positive

attitude going. This is also in line with the spirit of Ramadan and Syawal."

Expect 20 fresh new designs incorporating a wide array of fabrics, textures and silhouettes that range from the comfortable caftan and kurung Kedah to more modern looks such as the house signature's tulle mini kurung. "Into the Light" will also feature revamped looks from the previous 2020 collection in new exciting colours. Head here to for the full collection.


For Adila Long, Raya is all-year long. For their newly launched "Dia Raya '21" campaign video, it is clear that each design in the capsule collection is meant for women from all walks of life, ready to take on whatever challenges come their way (while being fashionable, of course). To founder Adila, this Raya collection is meant for "Women that prefers beginnings. Women that embrace any role effortlessly and take pride in blending heritage and culture in day dressing."

For all the details on Dia Raya '21, head over here.


The She Raya Villa is here and as expected, it's a fun crowd! The smooth one-take style (courtesy of the direction by another fellow Creative Crush, Jasmine Wong) is not only engaging but perfectly captures all sorts of colourful personalities that gather under one household for the Raya festivities — not to mention, the narrator's smooth buttery voice is just the icing on the cake.

Featuring 20 new designs, the collection promises a blend of modern yet classic looks that SHALS customers can enjoy as a set or mix and match with separate pieces in their daily wear. To have one of these essen-shals in your wardrobe, click here.


This season, Hanya has partnered up with architect turned bridal fashion designer Fuzana Mokhtaza with a dazzling 13-piece collection. Titled "Lucid Dreams", the ensemble features soft and sophisticated fabrics that will "make you gleam and glimmer under the sun whether if you’re walking, running or even relaxing."

In tandem with the sentimentality of the collection, the clothing brand has decided to take a trip down memory lane with their campaign #HanyaHappyHour which features 5 episodes hilariously depicting fond Raya memories from the one person who is MIA during prep time to the constant dress code breaker. View Hanya Fuzana Mokhtaza here.


For EID 2021, Lilit's Tetangga is all about comfy slouchy fits, modern cuts and flattering silhouettes for the everyday woman. Whether you're looking for minimalist designs or something a bit more funky, you'll find something that suits your fancy in their latest collection — after all, there are 54 pieces and 3 face mask designs to choose from!


As much as Raya is about the fun festivities, it's also meant to be introspective and minimalist label, Totomi, is all about that inward-looking exploration of the self in their 2021 collection "Reflection". It features designs for men and women that range from subtle muted colours to a bevy of floral and textiled patterns.

To complete this theme of introspection, the campaign video is nothing but spell-binding with its narration that is almost reminiscent to a meditation class filled with positive affirmations and reminders. To shop the looks, head here.

Which is your favourite Raya campaign of the year? Drop us a comment below!


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