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Malaysian Indian Creatives You Should Totally Check Out

There are many Indian creatives that are using their voice to change the creative industry and create a path for themselves. This Deepavali, get to know some of the Indian creatives we knowlove and appreciate that are making a difference through their work, whether it's through art, music or photography.

Rupa Subramaniam

Warna.Rupa aka Rupa Subramaniam, takes art to a whole new level of inspiring and meaningful! From a digital marketer to a full-time artist, Rupa's art constantly challenges stereotypes and pushes the boundary. She launched ANTIDOTE, a virtual art exhibition that addressed global conversations on womanhood in a Malaysian context. The project garnered honest discussions with 30 women and their stories being turned into art with their bodies as the canvas.

Learn more about ANTIDOTE

A Kid Named Rufus

Rufus Sivaroshan, or better known as A Kid Named Rufus, started making music in his bedroom into taking a 37 hour flight to the United States. In 2019, he released his single “useless” and things blew up from there. Now residing in New York, Rufus recently released his debut EP, graduation - an album that illustrates everything that he’s been through, from moving away from home to coping with his mental health, accumulating over 500,000 streams on Spotify. If you’re into indie-pop then stream graduation now!

Stream graduation now!

Nandini Balakrishnan

If you haven’t already known Nandini, our national treasure, then it's high time you do! From speaking up against racism on her platform, teaching young women about female anatomy and women’s rights, encouraging everyone to appreciate and love their culture, to making incredibly funny jokes, Nadini uses her powerful voice to spread all kinds of awareness on hard-hitting social issues with her infectious personality! If these are some of the topics you enjoy seeing then you should definitely check her out.

Check out Nandini on SAYS

Thinakkaaran Thamilchelvam

Thinakkaaran Thamilchelvam has experimented it all, from wedding videography, documentaries and even combining the two to create wedding documentaries! Thina believes that nothing is impossible as long as you put your heart into it and dedicate yourself to it. He was involved in S K I N, a poetic documentary produced by Malaysian artists wanting to push boundaries and increase accessibility within the arts. The project received tremendous positive feedback by both the public and the media.

Check out S K I N!

Vaneesha Krishnasamy

Last but definitely not least, from empowering body positivity, being politically vocal, standing up against racism, to co-founding a safe space for marginalized voices, Vaneesha is doing all that one can to make Malaysia a better place. As a former journalist for The Star's R.AGE, the photographer is not one to silence her voice and in September this year, Vaneesha’s video pleading Malaysians to stop racist behaviour went viral and resonated with the hearts of many. She stated that she simply wanted to channel the frustration and hurt experienced by the Indians through an empathetic and creative piece. Vaneesha is certainly someone every Malaysian should learn from and look up to.

Learn more about Vaneesha


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