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Local Festivals and Events To Fill Your Weekend Plans With The Holiday Vibes

With the end of November nearing, the holiday mood is definitely creeping up on us fast! Here are some festivals, bazaars and other fun events happening that couldn't wait 'till the Christmas month to get things going. So if you're looking for things to do during the weekends, we have you covered. From interactive virtual events, artisanal marketplaces and even workshops, the last few weeks of 2021 (can't believe we're already here!) will be a treat for everyone to enjoy.

Revive Arcade Festival

This 3rd - 5th December, Tala Records Asia is bringing you Southeast Asia's first ever immersive and virtual music festival, Revive Arcade Festival in collaboration with indie game makers Persona Theory Games and independent web developers Sonikl Studio.

Create your own unique avatar, communicate with your friends, explore through the custom-made pixelated world (centred on Malaysia's most popular attractions), and relive your childhood memories with legendary Malaysian traditional games such as Congkak, Guli, and Sumpit! Not to mention, you'll be able to see live performances by 27 musicians from Southeast Asia.

Want to get a glimpse into how a metaverse looks and feels like? Join our giveaway where we're giving away 8 free tickets worth RM920! (Psst, gift this to a friend as an early Christmas present!).

Rules are simple and the competition will run until the 24th of November.

Click here to check out how to participate!

Kebahagian Dirimu Arts Festival

In conjunction with the inaugural Women’s Tribunal Malaysia 2021, “Kebahagian Dirimu Arts Festival is being held on 29th November at 8:30pm. A virtual event is hosted by The Art Seni and aims to provide an alternative form of justice and advocacy for Malaysia women’s human rights and gender equality.

The online event will be a 90-minute online showcase of local creators, artists, speakers and entrepreneurs. It will also showcase a variety of performances that explores what our private and public spaces could look like if gender equality and women’s bodily autonomy became a reality.

If you want to take this holiday season to reflect on your privileges and experiences, click here to register.

Art In The City 2021, KLWKND

KLWKND is a series of arts and cultural programmes happening in the heart of KL as part of Art in the City 2021 organized by Cultural Economy Development Agency (CENDANA) in collaboration with various partners.

Happening from the 25th - 28th November, KLWKND introduces our programme locations in and around downtown KL that are crucial jigsaw pieces marking the area as an emerging cultural district. From programmes ranging from dance, music, architecture, traditional crafts and more, KLWKND will transform downtown KL into a vibrant regional hub for creativity and culture.

If you’re as excited for a weekend full of learning about arts and culture as we are, then you wouldn’t want to miss out on this.

Check out KLWKND here to see the programmes happening.

FIFTH Grand Opening

The wait is finally over, FIFTH 2.0 is making a comeback! If you enjoy thrifting for high quality and premium goods then this is your time to grab some goodies this holiday period. Don’t miss out on their grand opening happening on the 28th November, from 1PM - 7PM. Be sure to check it out early if you want to snag premium items from some of their favorite local brands.

FIFTH is constantly updating on their socials about the upcoming grand opening, so if you want to stay updated on what will be in store for you on the 28th then be sure to check them out.

Purchase items from FIFTH online here.

RIUH Christmas

Running from 4th - 5th December, RIUH Christmas is back! Arguably one of the most popular annual bazaars for anyone who love all things local is returning this year for a Tropical Christmas event! Enjoy a weekend of browsing and snacking on 60 retail and 15 food vendors. If you want to get your Christmas shopping done early, this is it!

Excitingly, Cult Creative will also be present so come and say hi! We will have a cool installation up for event goers to interact with (more details coming real soon!) and also the latest developments with our Beta App.

Follow RIUH's Instagram for the latest updates.

Kuala Lumpur Art Book Fair

The Kuala Lumpur Art Book Fair (KLABF) is an event where exhibitors from diverse creative backgrounds, such as artists, illustrators, designers, independent publishers, writers, photographers, institutions, and printmakers, will showcase and sell publications-- these will also make for unique and cute gifts for the upcoming Christmas season. The expo will be open to the public and will include a variety of programming such as presentations and workshops.

The much anticipated art book fair will be held from 3rd - 5th December (a busy weekend!) at The Godown, an art space located in Lorong Ampang. If you’re into collecting art books, zines, badges and tote bags then make sure to check out KLABF. There will also be a series of programmes such as talks and printing workshops so don’t miss out on those.

Buy your tickets to KLABF here.

Whimsical Mess Bazaar at Kedai KL

For those who missed out on their previous bazaar at Kedai KL, fret not, The Messy Club is back with ‘Whimsical Mess’! Also happening at Kedai KL, there will be tons of cool knick knacks, personalised items and gifts for your family and friends. With more than 40 different local vendors boothing there, shoppers will be spoiled for choice with the array of goods that they are able to purchase.

As the cherry on top, The Messy Club will also be having Messy Workshops! From vase painting, mini tiled table making and doodling and journaling, this weekend is about to be the messiest one yet.

This exciting bazaar will be happening from the 4th - 5th December, so mark your calendars people, and plan your weekend wisely!

Get registration details for the Messy Workshops here.


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