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Author Charissa Ong Releases Practice Book For Aspiring Writers

Charissa Ong Ty, the founder of Penwings Publishing and best-selling author of Midnight Monologues and Daylight Dialogues, has released a new book, Poetry & Short Stories - A Practice Book. Like the title suggests, Charissa's fourth book to date, is ideal for aspiring authors as it includes her entire thought process and technical writing methods, helping them to realize their own writing career.

If you're someone who has always had an affinity for the written word, an idea that you want to develop further or facing a writing slump, you might want to check out the bestselling author's newest addition to her roster!

Poetry & Short Stories - A Practice Book is a short story and poetry activity book that teaches the fundamentals of writing to writing lovers and novices, increasing their writing skills and instilling healthy writing habits. New writers can expect daily writing challenges, help with deciding on themes and genres in writing, poetry prompts and how to craft a cover letter for manuscript submissions (which she receives many on the daily to her publishing company).

Charissa emptied all of her past experience from being in the modern publishing industry into Poetry & Short Stories - A Practice Book as an author who faced challenges of her own looking for publishers for Midnight Monologues and quickly identified the challenges for budding authors in Malaysia.

Inspiring enough, the author herself does not come from a traditional writing background (she works full time as a UX Designer) but found love and passion in poetry all the same. With the release of her fourth book, she hopes that the activities may comfort and remove a budding writer's doubt in achieving their dreams.


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