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Learn How To Gain More Self-Confidence From Model Rubini Sambanthan

Rubini Sambanthan Model Actor Malaysia
Being in the industry since 2014, Rubini knows a thing or two about how to navigate this world with class and confidence.

You may already know Rubini from her modeling days in Cycle 3 of Asia's Next Top Model. While she's still posing for high-end advertorials, she also carries that natural spunk onto the small screen as an aspiring actress. When she's not working though, she puts on a different creative hat — such as lending her flair to scrapbooking and postcard making to raise funds for dog shelters.

How did the love for modelling begin?

Well my aunty was a model, so growing up I adored the way she carried herself. As a young girl, I was actually very timid and shy so wanting to be a model was also me wanting to be more confident.

How has your personal brand ethos evolved over the years?

Significantly, when my ideas are implemented in my content creation, focusing on sustainability is something I have been wanting to promote since the beginning. Ethics and Aesthetics: Sustainable Fashion" — this is what I want to incorporate.

In certain scenarios, I won’t be able to achieve such targets (such as when working with clients and the like) so currently I am still working on how to reach towards sustainability, not just from the work I do but in my general lifestyle. It’s a life time goal, so make the changes now even if it’s small! The environment is our responsibility.

We love your badass confident energy — how did you gain this level of self-confidence and how can other women out there achieve this as well?

For me, it was a struggle. I had to juggle work since I was 15 to help my family financially. I build strength through my experiences; I gain perspectives and through all these moments, I’ve evolved and realized how important it is to be independent — my confidence grew through my independence. I’ve shared this many times, channel your struggles into your strength, create ways to overcome the struggles and practice self affirmations to aid you through all your endeavors.

3 tips on how people can practice more self love in 2021?

Limit your expectations. Focus on self-love and affirmation (positive affirmations!) and give yourself permission to create without inhibition.

Your go-to fashion piece/accessory and why?

Jackets: I feel somewhat protected in them.

Congratulations on your venture into acting! Now that you’re acquiring more diverse roles in the industry, how do you stay focused and productive?

Being imaginative, expressive and having a natural love for stage are things that I already innately have so getting into acting was definitely a dream come true!

I tend to move according to short term goals or planning realistic goals. It is a great way to create momentum as it keeps your motivation high and it’s very flexible in assessing your progress and performance.

I’ve evolved and realized how important it is to be independent — my confidence grew through my independence.

What was the biggest lesson you learned in 2020?

2020 definitely a year that I reconciled my ability to further dedicate my learning towards spirituality. For me, spirituality is all about being a better human.

Lastly, please share with us your 3 favourite local creative crushes and their IG handles that you would like to shoutout!


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