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Snapshots Of Blue Through Naqib Jamaludin's Eyes

In Naqib Jamaludin's world, the colour blue takes on a whole different life. Gone is the colour that most would associate with sadness and melancholy; instead it's replaced with notes of wonder and light through Naqib's unique and minimalist shots. Below, we spoke to the photographer on how his celebration of his chosen hue, creative journey and more.

When did your journey as a creative begin (both personally and professionally)?

My interest in photography started blooming back during my high school days. I managed to pursue it more thoughtfully when I entered art school. It became more of a creative exercise on ideas that I couldn't produce through assignments. From there, I managed to be experimental on a regular basis where I take daily subjects and try to create a “whoa” first impression.

I had no expectations of pursuing photography full time since I’m originally a graphic designer until Sugar Bear Hair approached me. Ever since then, it opened up more opportunities for me with different brands and helped me grow further with my personal style.

What are some of the things your artworks are constantly seeking to explore?

That ordinary things can be special. My concepts are usually taking ordinary things and turning them into something stunning. This relates to how I grew up—I was a nobody even to myself until I started creating artworks that exposed me to my fullest potential as a creative individual.

What is your life ethos and how does it relate to your creative journey?

To be a visionary leader is a character I believe is worth possessing. Always have faith in delivering the unexpected. The power of persistence and charisma will be born in your soul and it will eventually build up the enthusiasm to unleash the heck out of your low self-esteem profile!

What was the most significant/impactful project for you thus far — why?

I’m grateful that I‘ve experienced collaborating with brands, both local and international, yet I’ll say the project with Bendang Artisan (@bendangstudio_official) has given me an overwhelming public response. I was given the opportunity to incorporate my style altogether with their brand’s direction. One of the most enjoyable collaborations I’ve done so far!

How do you see the world?

I always see it as a place to be expressive through communication with one another.

What type of artist do you wish to be, and what's your ultimate goal as a creative?

I wouldn’t say a photographer but more of an image crafter. My ultimate goal is to build "Naqib" as an established brand on solving seemingly impossible visual problems to possible visual feats.

What is your favourite and least favourite part of the creative process?

My favourite part is where I need to find what suits me the best with blue. Even though it’s possible to match anything in blue yet not everything will go along as simple as people imagine.

My target is always to capture and colour grade my photos into something that can ease the eyes even though you know it shouldn't. For example: How will you match a half-boiled egg together with its cracked shell, a pitch-black burnt toast and make it look good? It's something that is visually not appetising to the mind and eye. That’s a problem I love to solve.

As for the least favourite, it will definitely be to be brainstorming alone. Coming from an extrovert myself, I enjoy being expressive in a group of people where I find it more efficient to deal with weird ideas and make them logical on the spot.

What’s your guilty pleasure(s)?

During desperate times, I enjoy listening to dangdut songs to stay awake when I have serious deadlines and it was all influenced by my student days. I was on a 3D project deadline and not all graphic design students are capable of handling 3D software. Juggling with other things to learn is fine but when it comes to adapting the interface of Autodesk 3ds Max? Absolutely crazy. So one of my group mates decided to hit a playlist that would guarantee we would stay awake and surprisingly it worked tremendously well!

How would you describe your creative and artistic style? Do you feel much has changed?

I have the freedom to create what I visualise from my mind. It’s minimalistic yet full with colour play compositions. I believe what’s weird and logical is equal to a potential appearance of a groundbreaking idea.

I started to execute only blue colour and simplicity into my personal artwork back in 2016 and now it's steadily becoming the main trademark as a visual designer.

Who is someone you would love to collaborate with and why?

No doubt about it, it would be Yuna! I am much aware that our aesthetics are different but I recognise her courage as a risk-taker in showcasing not only her music but her distinctive personality and style. Besides a great appearance in the western world, she successfully delivered it to Malaysia as well. I believe there is a common ground on achieving these goals in between us.

I believe what’s weird and logical is equal to a potential appearance of a groundbreaking idea.

Please share with us who/what you are constantly inspired by!

Films by Wes Anderson. He uses specific colour schemes and makes it a story to describe different character and situations. I love how he uses bold and rich colours schemes in his films.

Hence, that inspires me to strive further with my colour personality. Art magazines are great physical references to get inspired by too.

Lastly, please shoutout 3 of your favourite local creative crushes and their IG handle!


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