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Slick Yet Subtle Visual Storytelling With Lobach

Like her name, Lobach's incredible knack for visual storytelling makes for an unforgettable experience

Visual storytelling is an art and one that creative consultant, Lobach, has mastered gracefully. From slick edgy silhouettes to subtle muted tones, her art direction is one that immediately captures your attention — after all, huge brands such as Emporio Armani and Adidas have trusted her to deliver the goods and that she has, in her own signature flair.

What / who is your biggest muse?

She goes by Lady Jane, a healer, a creator, my biggest inspiration. With her I feel like I have the confidence to do anything. She celebrates life and all are beautiful through her eyes.

What is one project or campaign that you would love to experience all over again?

Any projects with like-minded clients, gives you creative freedom, and pays earlier than expected.

What’s the meaning behind your name, Lobach?

A name that no one forgets.

How do you perceive the world around you?

Take a break before the world breaks you.

The craziest client pitch you were presented with?

I was given only 5 days to prepare for a shoot — had to wear many hats to make it happen: photograph, produce, art direct, design and edit.

Lastly, please share with us 3 local creatives for us to shout out along with their IG handles!


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