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Creative Crush - Kevin Low

Kevin is an ISTJ and was a former Latin Dancer who used to compete internationally and in South East Asia.

A master at serving looks, Kevin Low is a multi-hyphenate creative freelancer who does make up, set and prop design, photography, videography and more. And you'll find that Kevin keeps his engaging and down-to-earth attitude close to his shoulders. As he always loves to try out new things, Kevin is a creative freelancer who does make up, set and prop design, photography, videography and more. Currently, he is working as a Production Coordinator for Insporeum. In his free time, he also loves to direct his own short films.

What made you want to dive into your current industry?

Prior to becoming a Creative Freelancer, I was a Latin Dancer and I used to complete overseas. Even back then, I would do my dance partner’s make up. From that point onwards, I realized that I was a very creative person. After I retired, I wanted to explore more of what I could do and achieve outside my dance field. That was when I decided to pursue my Diploma in Mass Communication. While studying, I was also working at the same time. Through these experiences, I realized that I really enjoyed working in the creative industry.

How do you define your style? Where did the inspiration for your style come from?

As a creative and being a creative, I believe that there are no limitations. The more you know, the better you become. This ties in with Instagram handle - otiques. If you placed the first letter of my name with my handle, you will get the word that sounds similarly to chaotic. In that sense, I like to bring a sense of chaos into my style since I love to experiment with different styles. It also says a bit about my personality since some people may find it chaotic to work with me but it’s all good and fun when working together with a bunch of passionate peeps.

When it comes to the inspiration of my style, I would say it was a mix of both my personal experience and creative personality. I wanted to show the world that despite being different, I was able to achieve what I wanted so long as I put my mind into it. I also wanted to show people who were younger than me to realise that it is okay to pursue their dreams, no matter how small or big it is. In that sense, I am constantly inspired by people who are driven and self-motivated as they push me to become better as a person and as a creative.

I also wanted to show people who were younger than me to realise that it is okay to pursue their dreams, no matter how small or big it is.

What were some of the challenges you faced and lessons you learned throughout your creative journey?

I am a perfectionist and I struggle with Imposter Syndrome. Sometimes, I feel like I am doing enough or I may be dissatisfied with my work - even if the quality is already good. As such, I feel the constant need to push myself to become better as a creative. Occasionally, this can make me a very difficult person to work with especially when time is not a luxury.

What were some of your favourite projects that you worked on?

I really enjoyed working on my short films as I got to oversee the entire production process. This also helps to compensate for my perfectionist persona. The two short films that I worked on were called Strings Tied and Mirror.

Strings Tied tells the story of how a young woman who struggles to deal with her perfectionism and lets it get the better of her which caused her to spiral into insanity. Mirror was more an abstract and conceptual film. It was a story of a boy who met his alter ego and other spiritual personalities to help him discover his true self.

Another memorable project was being a makeup artist for an Australian Singer, Shahrea. She appeared in her music video called, ‘Like The Others Do’. It was produced by We Are Kix and we really wanted to try something different with this video. We played around with neon lights and ended up filming at a jungle set in Langkawi so it was a really refreshing sight to see and a huge departure from the norm in music video production.

What do you hope to achieve with your work?

As weird as it sounds, I want people to know me for who I am and not the work that I produced. Doing great work has helped to establish my reputation within the industry but I would always rely on the word of mouth of clients who have worked with me and I will never hardsell my services. I also want to change people’s perspective on what a job can look like and not everyone has to stay stuck working a nine to five job. I wish people will love what they do and fearlessly pursue their passion and dreams.


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