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A Vibrant Outlook - Chein Shyan Lee

Illustrator, animator and maker Chein Shyan Lee is in her natural element when she's creating

Better known under the pseudonym Vanessartpuff, Chein Shyan Lee is a KL-based illustrator and multi-disciplinary artist who’s as bright and bubbly as her artwork.

Ever curious and self-motivated to learn and create, the young artist often pours herself into multiple projects spanning lighthearted subjects such as food, music and culture to weighty works championing women empowerment. Though illustration is her first love, she’s always challenging herself to pick up other art forms, such as 2D animation, embroidery and lino printmaking, too.

When and how did you discover an interest in art and illustration?

I have always loved drawing since I was a kid, but I truly discovered my passion during my study in England when I was encouraged to explore and express my art in different forms and mediums. I am still discovering new creative ideations and techniques every day.

How would you describe your illustration style?

My illustration style is vibrant and busy. It is not just a drawing, but it’s the context and vibe that luminates my illustration, which manifests the idea that there is never a dull moment in the constant flow of life.

When have you felt the most challenged?

When I have imposter syndrome! Sometimes I find it hard to believe that I managed to produce artworks that inspire people. I am still learning how to get over my self-doubt by creating more work, in hopes of spreading more positivity and feeling less like an imposter!

What is your best advice to stay focused on important things while surrounded by constant direction?

Setting your priorities straight and knowing that sacrificing some other aspect in life is required to pursue your goal. It is important to learn how to turn down things that will drain us out. My trick to stay focused is to keep creating even when I feel uninspired, as I will pick up the creative momentum along the way. But always keep in mind that it is okay to go astray sometimes and don’t be too hard on yourself to stay sane.

"You will face hurdles but don’t let that stop you and never stop creating."

Which is your proudest artwork/project so far and why?

It would be the project ‘Raya Trail’. It is one of the few projects that I have overseen from ideation to copywriting and from illustration to animation. It definitely has struck a few chords with those who missed their loved ones during the Covid-19 pandemic.

What words of encouragement would you share with someone who’s just starting out on their creative journey?

Persevere on in what you do, success might be just a corner away. You will face hurdles but don’t let that stop you and never stop creating.


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