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Creative Crush - Azim Mahayudin

"Bold colours and abstracted anecdotes" feature heavily in Azim's works.

Azim Mahayudin of AM Studio is a fashion and commercial photographer who passionately focuses on expressing beauty with the art of self expression.

Among the many recurring themes in his personal work, bold colours and abstracted anecdotes are few of his signature style. You may have seen his work on many local brands during Raya seasons, mainly because he has a penchant for growing local brands and celebrities.

Who / what inspired you to create your first work of art?

@fysalhsym was the person who first introduced me to fashion photography and its possibilities to juxtapose commercials with art.

What was the turning point for you/your craft to become what it has today?

The turning point of my career making the decision to intern at BluInc, because it exposed me to not only learning more about fashion and fashion photography, but understanding the social and business aspect of the industry.

In your opinion, what’s the best thing you’ve ever created? Why?

There is never one specific work that is “the best.” But what I could say is that my best work is usually from test shoots and editorials in which I can decide who I want to work with, get to express myself through my work, and just be me.

Creatively (cinematography, set/costume design, etc.), what are your top 3 must watch movies?

Creatively, the movies that are at the top of my list would be The Grand Budapest Hotel (or any of Wes Anderson’s) for the mouthwatering pastel aesthetics; Blade Runner (especially 2049) for its stylistic cinematography; and The Prestige for the concept, plot and character development.


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