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Creating A Content Strategy That Actually Works

Building a content strategy that works might sound like a daunting and tedious process, but it definitely gets easier the more you understand your brand and what your goals are for it. Below we walk you through what we’ve learned from Brent Taalur, Head of Content and Public Relations from Bonia and what he has taught us in creating a killer content strategy.

So what is a content strategy? Simply put, is a guide to the creation, delivery, and governance of useful, usable content. It defines how we use our content to meet business goals and objectives and set benchmarks in which we can measure and track our success.

A content strategy can also help us ask the right questions such as what we want to accomplish with our content, who our target audience is and what is our brand personality. These are just some of the few questions that we need to ask before coming up with a content strategy.

Once we’ve figured out what our brand is about and what we want to achieve, we can move towards the different types of approaches and how it works. There are a few methods of approaching content and marketing strategy. Some of the few includes:


The spaghetti approach works best when you’re just starting out and you’re unsure of what content you should produce. This method refers to throwing things out to see what resonates and sticks with your audience.


For brands that already know their niche and audience, this is for you! Since you’re already familiar with your audience, you can easily pick up on trends and make them better. The key here is adding value to the content you’re building on to.


Becoming a hedgehog means having your spikes out and being completely untouchable. This method works if you’re creating content that only you and your brand can produce. It definitely takes time to completely understand your brand, its audience and purpose, but it’s worth it.

Tofu - Mofu - Bofu

We know, we like saying tofu- mofu- bofu too. This method is a simple but powerful method to raise awareness and drive conversion at each funnel as it makes sure that your content addresses every part of your marketing funnel from the top funnel, middle funnel to the bottom funnel.

How you build your strategy will depend on you and your brand and clients, and the information you learn about their goals and challenges and their industry. The template proposes the elements you may need to start researching and crafting your content strategy – and how to tell your story.

Each strategy is unique to the brand and the situation that it’s in, so you may find that you won’t need certain elements in the template, or you may need to expand more on some!

Now that we've gotten over the types of approaches to try and the content strategy template, it's finally time to move on to the ten steps to take when crafting a content strategy. The step begins from simply observing and defining your audience, to developing your strategy, repurposing it over and over and finally optimizing your content. But it doesn't stop there, optimizing your content is a never ending process that improves your content as the days go by!

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