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women creatives rise

Where do you C yourself?


As women, we know that there are a myriad of issues that aren't usually faced by our male counterparts. While many of us work to overcome these biases and barriers, too often the narrative is focused solely on the negative.


We saw opportunity here to shift the focus: rather than hone in on the struggles that befall us, our aim this International Women's Day is to invoke change, empower, and inspire women creatives to continue to create amazing work.


This year's #CCIWD2022 has been curated to cut across a cross-section of professions. We shine a light on a formidable list of 11 women creators with different backgrounds, experience levels and capabilities who weigh in on the future of creative work. We'll be rolling out for the rest of March, so check back every other day as we tell a different story with a new video interview. 


We hope to C even more of you women rise, with a future-facing mindset for all.

⏤ Manisha, Lina and Shermaine, Co-founders of Cult Creative


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"Now that I’m an experienced designer, I share a lot of my references and processes with other young designers and friends. I’ve always felt that it is a way to give back to the community and to thrive together is always better." ⏤ Fizah Rahim

"The first step is to acknowledge your strengths, passion, career growth and every little achievement you've made. Take pride in your work. Fearlessly put yourself out there by creating online portfolios, social media platforms, joining platforms such as Cult Creative and begin networking." ⏤ Lavannia Kumar

"I believe in the power of asking which enables you to increase your opportunities for business, reduces risks in assumptions on what your customers want and may lead to sparking some creative innovation." ⏤ Malisse Tan

"My advice is to believe in yourself and if you ever feel like putting your work out there for the world to see, put up the work for everyone to see. You'll be surprised to find that you have the power to inspire other women creatives/creatives around you." ⏤ Natalie Tan

"I would advise [women creatives] to not be too attached to the opinions of others. People are most often attracted to authenticity and purpose. So let's just be ourselves and get our message across." ⏤ Aishah Warda

"Hitting “post” will be the best thing you’ll ever do and you’d be surprised on how many people actually appreciate the things you do online." ⏤ Sofea Sabrina

"We need to trust our capabilities and try to not give in so easily. We can’t be people-pleasers all the time." ⏤ Erin Yew

"I never want to barge in on a fellow creative’s work because of the difference in our themes—I love seeing them as they are!" ⏤ Divya Rainjana

"Start with the small things first, like taking initiatives to making new friends or saying no to that colleague whose always "asking" for your help in their work. Courage takes time so practice makes perfect." ⏤ Kay Chow

"There’s never going to be enough time to do everything you want so you might as well live life to the fullest! I feel that way in my creative career as well. There’s too little time to be told what to do, might as well do what you want." ⏤ Isabella Tan

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