#CultRadioKoleksi is where Cult Creative features local creatives’ playlists, with all of their favourite songs, to get you hype. If you live and breathe a good beat, and won’t be defined by genres, click through for some playlists to hit repeat on.


Who is Snackfood?

Snackfood is a discovery. It's a gift emporium, a teatime session in your grandma’s living room, a museum of small things and most recently, it has become a daycare for flowers. 


What is your music genre?

We don't follow a specific music genre as we complement the music to the space and mood of the day. The music we play is quite eclectic as we've explored jazz, Japanese chill-hop, Kalimba tunes and old-school cantopop. We try to use music as a medium for storytelling. An easy example would be Captured by the Fifth Sense which can be found on our Spotify profile.


How does #teamsnackfood stay inspired to create when times get tough?

By practicing mindfulness. Even the ordinary days present us with chances to bring about small changes. That being said, tough times don’t have to be an opposing force to inspiration, but rather to cultivate it and coexist with it.

Suann Ng & Smek Almohdzar

Who is Su Ann and Smek Almohdzar?

We're Su Ann and Smek Almohdzar. Most of the time we're opposites, a yin meets yang situation. Both of us are writers––we work in the comms. industry––and we've been lucky that our work has allowed us to support some of our key passions, i.e. the local and regional arts and music scene.

What is your music genre?

Su Ann (SA): Smek currently plays in two bands, #killeurcalculateur and @nogoodisdead (he's too humble to plug himself so I'll do it for him)––so though he'd say rightly that his music preference is genre-fluid, I want to add that his punk roots run very, very deep. I'm making a concerted effort to support music made by womxn, and right now I'm really digging Fiona Apple and Rina Sawayama's newest releases.

How do you both get inspired to create even when times get tough?

SA: As a creator, Smek shines under pressure––it inspires him creatively. I work in creative bursts, so I'm either super hard at work or super hardly working. These days it's the latter; instead of creating, I'm consuming more of the things that inspire me. 

Ira Roslan

Who is IRAMA?

When I started to DJ, a lot of people asked me what my 'stage' name was, and at the time I didn't have one. A friend of mine was tossing around some ideas and as she was trying to think of ways to play around with my name Ira, the word "Irama" just rolled off her tongue. It made so much sense, from then on I went with IRAMA. Just a girl who likes listening to music and enjoys melodies. 

What is your music genre?

I mostly play nu disco, soulful and funky house. When it comes to listening, I'm not opposed to genres. Sometimes I'm in a pop mood, other times I love neo-soul and jazz. Lately it's been mostly those two genres, since I'm just chilling at home.

How do you get inspired to create even when times get tough?

By being patient with myself, and exploring things at my own pace. It also helps to be honest about what I'm feeling at the time of curating. When MCO started, I put together a playlist which I felt best embodied my mood at home at that time. Didn't think too much while putting it together, and the inspiration came quite naturally as I relaxed.

Layu Kembang

Who is Layu Kembang?

Aminurahim Ahmad Hamim, Hassan Zulkifli and Suraya Nasir Khan. Spotify got us hooked. In 2015, we started a collaborative playlist diversely focused on Malaysian popular music back in the day. We believe that there was so much forgotten good music that needed to be heard or even danced to. That one night from our past gig at Rentak bar someone in their early 20’s said to us, “Your setlist was amazing and I just discovered Anita Sarawak''. You don’t have to be old to enjoy good music. Good music is good music. We went from a collaborative into a collective. Basically, we are music enthusiasts. 


What is your music genre?

"Like Malaysian food, Malayan music was a thrilling blend of numerous cultures. It was the music of movements, assorted influences and cross-fertilisations, resulting in hybrid forms." — Saidah Rastam


How do you get inspired to create even when times get tough?

When life gives you lemon, make lemonade right? Well, I believe we are all blessed by technology. Everything is at our fingertips. Technology has given us a broader perspective on how to get inspired and stay creative. Did we mention that Aminurahim is also a filter designer? We recently launched our first filter called Layu Wanita (Siapakah Penyanyi Wanita Pilihan Anda?) during the lockdown period. Basically, it's just like the “Which Disney Character Are You?” filter. Instead of that we are covering all the great Malaysia/Singapore songstress from the 50’s to the 90’s. There are Anita Sarawak, Noorkumalasari and so much more.


We are trying to keep our pace aligned with technology just cause creativity has no boundaries, and we are planning for more.

Syazwan & Iman Saleha

Who are Syazwan and Iman?

Syazwan: I would consider myself and Iman as a working duo who share the same vision in creative creation. I am a photographer and she's a fashion graduate who loves to illustrate and we always inspire each other.

What is your music genre?

Iman: Individually, I am a person who enjoys jazz, rap and math rock. Meanwhile, Syazwan is an avid listener of psychedelics but ever since he introduced me to his obsession of the 80s, all these AOR and ctty pop music has always got us daydreaming about living in such an era. As a fashion enthusiast, their fashion is worth checking out. All those pop coloured t-shirts and washed out corduroy jackets -- love 'em! 

How do you get inspired when times gets tough?

Syazwan: We tend to keep ourselves in a loop, by staying updated with pandemic visual trends and bringing the topic to be discussed over the screen on a daily basis. We are inspired by creatives who manage to come out with great stuff at home with this creative recession -- like Facetime photoshoots. Even though it's tough, take the chance to gain something out of this rare situation.

Julia Duclos

Who is Julia Duclos? 

I dont think alot of people know this, but to a certain degree, I look at the name Julia Duclos as a persona.

What is your music genre? 

I love and hate this question in so many ways because the reality is so many have been merged together and at this stage as an artist, I still feel I am exploring myself in music.

How do you get inspired to create even when times get tough? ​

One thing I realised about myself is that i write better when I'm in situations thats aren't alway favourable​.


What is your music genre?

Depending on the traffic or the warmth of your meal or purely just sitting on the couch generally lazing around.

How do you get inspired to create even when times get tough?

Petrol money, your teams, bills, family. Those vinyl that you know you gonna buy once you can afford it. Oh and SIR ft Zacari track - Mood.

If you could live in any era, What would it be and why?

Like living the life?  The '80s to '90s. Definitely before the Internet. #Internetisstillcooltho


Who is MulaZine?  
MulaZine is an independent zine that has fragments of independent voices championing creativity, an archive space, an ode, and a collective yang suka main


What is your music genre? 
Disco, baby! 


How do you get inspired to create even when times get tough? 
People have more time to reply right now, now that they're home. We get creative with what we've got. Before the MCO, all we've done is work remotely from home and sometimes do bits of research watching and listening to old movies/music.


Inspiration comes from what you belum kemas. That's what we've been trying to do! Mengemas our minds to make do. MulaZine is living proof.

Hussein & Suraya

What is your music genre?

Hussein (H): Defining music genres splits people. We become barbarians who fight over soundwaves. Let's be united! Personally, I have no favourite music genre. As long as I feel the love and the lights in those sounds, it's all good to me. I love how music is done perfectly or either intentionally by all type of instruments, producing various of complex sounds. That's human creativity.

Suraya (S): Psychedelic, rock ‘n roll, experimental music, disco.

How do you get inspired to create even when times get tough?

H: "Create like a God, command like a King, work like a Slave." - Constantin Brâncuși. 

If you could live in any era, what would it be and why?

H: During CBGB's era! Look at those thousand illustration of gig posters and flyers, the D.I.Y. concept of life, the bands and how versatile they were. I would rather die there. Thus, if I was born as Hilly Kristal, that place will not be closed I swear.

Rudy Lafaber

Who is Rudy La Faber?
Rudy La Faber aka ruud aka Rudolph La Faber is a modern creative with roots in music, writing, design and advertising.


What is your music genre?

Like every self respecting genuine music lover, he has no set genre. This is true even for his DJ sets. 

How do you get inspired to create even when times get tough?
I think creatives are made to build their best work when we're in times of trouble. Turn that energy into good.

If you could live in any era, what would it be and why?
I'd live in the now. Because we hardly do that anyway.