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Build confidence & mastering the art of freelancing in 30 days

Implement our freelancer masterclass to learn the freelancer mindset, dealing with uncertainty, optimal work life integration and effective client communication to become your own boss.

Working by the Pool


4 weeks

Weekly study

2.5 hours

Digital certificate

100% online

One time fee

  • Freelance Masterclass: For creatives

    • 2.5 hours per week
    • 4 weeks
    • Digital certificate
    • Introductory level
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Who is this for?

As a creative, you know you have a lot to offer. All the hours you’ve spent honing your craft all these years have led to you building an amazing portfolio. You deserve to reap the rewards of all the hard work you’ve put in. 

You want this year to be the year you finally quit that job and be your own boss. If you relate to any of these: 
- You’ve been freelancing for a few years on the side but never dared to become a full-time freelancer because of the uncertainty 
- You want the freedom to choose how you spend your time to regain control over your own work-life balance 
- You want to be able to work from anywhere without being bound to an office

...Then we can help you break through your mental and emotional barriers that prevent you from becoming your own boss. 


Please note this course runs without facilitation.

on this course, you’ll access trustworthy information on freelancing from industry experts.

You’ll cover topics like developing your mindset, business structure, pricing, legal best practices, branding, client management, long term financial planning and dealing with burnout to guide you on your freelancer journey.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Mindset & Structuring

Guide and worksheets to setting a freelance mindset, boundaries and a weekly business schedule

Pricing & Legal

Pricing, Rate negotiations & Budgeting:

Panel on Pricing Creativity, Acing The Money Talk, 

Invoice template (coming soon)

Starting rates calculator (coming soon)

Legal + IP:

Understanding your IP rights

Branding & Client management

Branding to stand out:

Creating your perfect bio
Branding Yourself Online
Finding, Honing And Owning Your Voice

Crating the perfect bio workbook

Managing your clients:

Panel on managing client expectations

Long term finance:

Design Your Wealth: Personal Finances For Creatives

Budgeting Template


Navigating Burnouts & Imposter Syndrome

long term sustainability & Growth

What will you achieve?

  • How to adopt the right mindset to thrive as a full-time freelancer 

  • How to define boundaries to deal with burnout and uncertainty you will face as a freelancer 

  • How to craft your ideal work week for optimal work-life integration 

  • Which tools and how to communicate effectively with clients to cultivate great business relationships 

Who will you learn with?

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